Let your collection come alive.
Curious how museums use TOURtoDO?
Do you need a new audio tour? You can quickly and affordably create it with TOURtoDO. But TOURtoDO can do more. Lots more.
Tell your story about your collection. In text and photos. Using audio and video. And show a map of your museum.
Provide schools with an edu-tour. With multimedia, questions, puzzles and scoring points. A selfie for the student and a dashboard for the teacher.
Get insight in the route your visitors follow. Know how long and where items are visited. Using QR inside and GPS outside you can collect information and analyse it.
Increase your turnover and save costs. Create a digital brochure and reduce your footprint. Collect email adresses and point your visitor to the shop and restaurant.
Did you know you can use TOURtoDO without an investment beforehand? And that you can get subscriptions for a fixed low monthly price?